v0.4 beta information

Today is super special in our plugin’s life as it has reached a huge milestone. We have reworked the UI and code under the hood to support multiple cart IDs and with that it will be a real powerhouse to connect your ThriveCart cart to WordPress and additional services.

There are still plenty that we will want to add, but first, the public beta is finally available. It is already running on the Cart2WP website and works as expected BUT it is still needs a bit of testing before being released on the auto update.

Here are some of the screenshots out of 0.4 (some were done before the extra 2 cart ID being added):

How to test the beta version:
– download the beta pack from your user account
– install it on a staging or fresh test site. Do NOT update a production website without a backup!
– Use the settings as needed OR if it is a staging website manually update the older version with the new files and make sure to check all your settings and hit the save button again in the end. Why? Because now you have multiple cart IDs so the default will need to be selected on the add-on settings pages. All the API and list ids should stay as they were and no action is needed.

If you have any questions or found a bug, please get in touch with me on the live chat 🙂

Log in to your members area and the downloadable pack will be waiting for you:

Additional information for v0.4 when released after beta:

– ADDED 5 additional cart ID options (6 in total now)
– ADDED 2 new add-ons (MemberPress, LifterLMS)
– ADDED WP media selector for white label login logo option
– ADDED columns for better readability
– REWORKED all the add-ons to latest version
– REWORKED the whole UI from ground up
– Started to rewrite all the tutorials

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