Restrict Content Pro – Membership Level By ThriveCart Pricing Option

In this tutorial, I would like to show you how can you assign different Restrict Content Pro membership levels per ThriveCart pricing option.

To get started, let’s install and activate Restrict Content Pro. After this go to the Add-ons tab under Cart2WP to install and activate the Restrict Content Pro add-on too.

ThriveCart To Restrict Content Pro Settings: #

Under the Restrict Content Pro settings tab, you will see multiple options available. Let’s start with the first one: the pricing option.

It may sound tricky but this is an easy step too. We will need to copy and paste in the name of the pricing option and assign a membership level to it 🙂

Open a new browser tab and navigate to your ThriveCart product (if available in test mode already). Edit the pricing options and on the second stage it will give you the option to set a name for that particular pricing option.

Thrivecart Pricing Plan Name 3

Copy this and paste it into the field where we ask for the first pricing option.

Thrivecart To Restrict Content Pro Integration 1

Next, use the dropdown menu to assign a membership level you have already created.

Thrivecart To Restrict Content Pro Integration 2

You can replicate this for your four different pricing options as well:

Thrivecart To Restrict Content Pro Integration 3