LiveAgent Integration

In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to integrate LiveAgent contact sync for your ThriveCart customers.

To get started let’s install and activate the LiveAgent add-on in your Cart2WP settings panel. You will need to provide 2 information:

  1. LiveAgent API Key
  2. LiveAgent API URL
Thrivecart To Liveagent Integration 04 1

If you don’t know how, let me show you, it will only take a minute!

First, open a new browser tab, log into your LiveAgent account and go to the Settings / System / API menu:

Thrivecart To Liveagent Integration Step 1

From here, copy the API URL and paste it into the Cart2WP settings field where requested.

Next, click on the “Add API key” button and give a name to your key with a single privilege at users “Write”

Thrivecart To Liveagent Integration Step 2

Scroll down and hit the create button. Now you got a unique key that can be copied and pasted into the other Cart2WP settings field for your integration. Next, use the dropdown menu to select your product ID and enable the sync for it.

Thrivecart To Liveagent Integration 04 2

Make sure to save your settings in Cart2WP when ready and that is all 🙂

Any new user created after purchase will be also be sent to your LiveAgent contacts list with a note where they are from.

This could make it easy to handle support requests in the future as you will already know who is a customer on live chat and who is not one yet.