LearnDash – Single Or Multiple Course Enrolment

In this tutorial, I would like to show you how we deliver course content to our students in a very easy to use form with LearnDash.

To get started, let’s install, activate LearnDash and go to courses to create our new course.

How To Use Learndash With Cart2wp 1

Give it a title and description if you wish to and click on the “Builder”tab.

How To Use Learndash With Cart2wp 2

Create your lessons and other content you wish your customers to see and learn from. When done, click on the “Settings” tab.

How To Use Learndash With Cart2wp 3

Since the purchase or subscription is handled by ThriveCart, you will need to select “Closed” Access mode for the courses. After purchase, your customers will be enrolled already to the right courses when they log-in.

LearnDash Closed Course

When all finished, click on the Publish button and use the course URL if you wish to add it to a button or a different element or on the dashboard. If you use the LearnDash Elementor template we provided, it has the LearnDash course list shortcode added to the top where the available courses will be shown automatically.

ThriveCart To LearnDash Settings: #

To automate the course enrolment for your customers, let’s go to the Cart2WP settings menu. Install and active the LearnDash add-on and got to the LearnDash settings tab.

It may sound tricky but this is an easy step too. We will need to copy and paste in the name of the pricing option and assign the correct course to it 🙂

Open a new browser tab and navigate to your ThriveCart product (if available in test mode already). Edit the pricing options and on the second stage it will give you the option to set a name for that particular pricing option.

Thrivecart Pricing Plan Name 3

Copy this and paste it into the field where we ask for this, next to the correct product ID you can select from the dropdown menu.

Thrivecat To WordPress Learndash Integration 04 1
Thrivecat To WordPress Learndash Integration 04 2

Use the dropdown menu to assign a single or multiple courses to this pricing option:

Thrivecat To WordPress Learndash Integration 04 3

As you can see you can auto-enrol a customer to up to four courses at the same time in case you are selling a bundle of courses.

For example you have two pricing option: $99 for Course A or pay $147 for Course A and B. You can set this up with two different carts and simply replicate the necessary steps.

Thrivecat To WordPress Learndash Integration 04 4