How To Set-Up Cart2WP With ThriveCart – Installation Manual

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Let’s start from the beginning:

In this tutorial, we will be going thru the different options of our plugin and get everything set-up in a couple of minutes.

To get started, you will need to install and activate the Cart2WP plugin.

Cart2wp Thrivecart To WordPress Integration 1

After that, just simply hit the Settings button. Alternatively, you will find the Cart2WP settings button under the Settings menu on the left.

Cart2wp Thrivecart To WordPress Integration 3

It is best practice to activate your install first. To do so, simply copy and paste your Licence key on the add-ons tab and hit the save button. After this, your auto-updates will be available and you can install any of the add-ons.

Cart2wp Addon List And Activation

The ThriveCart settings tab

Under the ThriveCart settings tab, the first option will be the ThriveCart secret key field. To get this, open a new browser tab and navigate to your ThriveCart settings panel. Here, click on the “API & Webhooks” option and than the “View settings” to find your unique secret key. Copy and paste this to the Secret key field in the previous browser tab where you have Cart2WP settings open.
*please do not share this key with anybody as this is your unique key

Cart2wp Setup 1

Next will be the “Product ID” field. You will need to type in the ID number of your product, that you wish the system to be listening to for new customer data for.

Cart2wp Setup 2

To find this easily, simple hit the stats button in your products list in ThriveCart and the number at the end of the browser link will be the ID number we are looking for:

Tc Product Id

Next, we will need to set the default user role for our customers when they get created in WordPress. For this, I would recommend “Subscriber” as that is the most secure user role for any none administrative user. Also, if you use other plugins like LearnDash, the new user role types will be shown here too 🙂

Cart2wp Setup 3

The next option will help you automate the users deletion in case they cancel the subscription. I would recommend leaving it at “No” for manual action, but if you wish, this will automatically delete a user from the website when needed.

Cart2wp Setup 4

The next option will help you automate the users deletion in case they ask for a refund. I would recommend leaving it at “No” for manual action, but if you wish, this will automatically delete a user from the website when needed.

Cart2wp Setup 5

The “ThriveCart webhook URL” is the link you will need to copy and use to create a webhook in the other browser tab where you have ThriveCart settings still open. Simply hit the “View settings” button, but this time for the webhooks. Give it a neme and paste in the URL from your website.

Cart2wp Setup 6b

The last option here, is the auto-login “ThriveCart Successful Purchase Redirect Webhook URL” link. You will be able to copy and paste this link to your fulfilment URL of your product. If you choose the redirect users to this link as Success URL, they will be auto logged into your WordPress website with their brand new user account to access the content right away!

Cart2wp Setup 7

That was all to have the ThriveCart to WordPress integration done. From here, we can carry on and create a login protected membership website with our additional setting options.

The membership settings tab

The first option will be a switch to turn on/off these additional options. As we want to create a simple to use membership website, I will leave this enabled.

Next will be the visitors redirection. This is responsible to lock down the website and redirect non logged in users to a specific page. In our case this should be This last part “wp-login.php” is the default login form page for our website.

Please note: If you are using another membership plugin with our add-ons, you might want to leave this field blank to make sure login is controlled by the membership plugin of your choice!

Cart2wp Membership Settings 1

In case you are using the same website for the sales page as well, you might want to have the single page open for the public. For this, we have a “redirection exception” field. You will need to simply copy and paste in the URL of the sales page and it will be open for the public while the rest of the website is locked down to members only. If you do not wish to use it, simply keep this field blank.

Cart2wp Membership Settings 2

The “Redirect after successful login” will take your customer to the right page after login. In case you use the home page as the main page you can simply leave this field blank, but if you have a specific page as dashboard, just copy and paste the URL of it here.

After purchasing Cart2WP you will be redirected to the home page of our members only website, that is built using one of the Elementor templates.

Cart2wp Membership Settings 3

“Redirect after logout” can be left blank to take the user to the default login page OR you can use this to take your users to a special Facebook group or anywhere else.

Cart2wp Membership Settings 4

Hide admin bar for non admin users will hide the top dark bar and give a better user experience for your users who are not familiar to WordPress and also keep the members area a more clean.

Cart2wp Membership Settings 5

The “Block dashboard access for non-admins” is a security option to keep everybody out of the WordPress admin dashboard who do not need to see it. As an administrator you will still have access as you should.

Cart2wp Membership Settings 6

“Disable concurrent logins” is intended to protect your digital content from being shared with multiple people who didn’t purchase, but received a login information from one of your customers. If set to “Yes” it will allow only a single active session per user.

Cart2wp Membership Settings 7

In case you are using WooCommerce, you will need to turn off the lost password redirect created by it or your customers will not be able to use it if not logged in. We made this easy with a simple switch:

Cart2wp Membership Settings 8

After these settings you have a fully working members only membership website that you just need to add your digital content too for your customers. For this we also have additional tutorials in case you need a helping hand!

White label settings tab

For the “Change the login logo” you can upload your logo into the media library and simply select it. The best size would be a 1:1 square formatted and 300 x 300 pixel JPG or PNG image.

Cart2wp White Label Setup 1

If you are not using any server side tweaks or a dedicated SMTP plugin to handle the mail notifications /sending we have two more white label options that will be important.

“Mail sender name” will be responsible to change it from default WordPress to your unique name like Barna from Cart2WP.

Cart2wp White Label Setup 2

And the “Mail sender email” will be the email address you send it from. So, instead of it could be

Cart2wp White Label Setup 3

As we move forward, this tutorial will be updated with the new options.