In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to integrate ConvertKit and sync your ThriveCart customers to your email list.

To get started let’s install and activate the ConvertKit add-on in your Cart2WP settings panel. You will need to provide 2 information:

  1. ConvertKit API Key
  2. ConvertKitList ID /s
Convertkit Integration Cart2wp 5

If you don’t know how, let me show you, it will only take a minute!

First, open a new browser tab, log into your ConvertKit account and go to the Profile icon / Account settings menu:

Convertkit Integration Cart2wp 1

From here, copy and paste the API Key into the correct field at your membership website. Make sure to keep these details private!

Convertkit Integration Cart2wp 2

Next, go to Forms and create / open the form you wish to use to add the new contacts to.

Convertkit Integration Cart2wp 3

As you will see the List ID is part of the URL! Use this number as the final piece for your integration.

Convertkit Integration Cart2wp 4

Choose a product ID from the first dropdown option and paste in the list ID we just looked for. That is all 🙂

If you wish to sync your carts to different lists, just replicate the final steps as you need them.

Also, make sure to hit the save button 🙂

Convertkit Integration Cart2wp 6